1. Appleton’s Dictionary of Greater New York And Its Neighborhood (1905):

    Variety Theatres

    …are devoted to serio-comic and comic vocalism, trapeze performances, juggling acrobatics, clog and ballet-dancing and broad farces, the chief requisites for popularity being horseplay and extravagant sentiment. In the lower grade the performance border as closely on the indecent as the law will permit. This line is drawn so strictly, however, that these requirements are confined to suggestive words and gestures and skirts abbreviated to the last degree, can-can dancing and the like having always been promptly suppressed by the police. Among the leading variety theatres may be mentioned Tony Pastor’s, 143 E. 14th St; Harry Miner’s, Bowery, near Broome St; and the London, in the Bowery, near Rivington St. Admission from 10 cts to $1.  

    Tony Pastor (n.d.)

    Insurance maps of New York, Manhattan,  Atlas 110. Vol. 2  (1903)