1. New York City Cemeteries:

    Green-Wood Cemetery
    Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, Brooklyn

    "In the first part of the nineteenth century, New York City was facing a looming burial crisis. The population was booming, available land was being gobbled up, and the tiny churchyards that were the traditional burying grounds for urban dwellers were full to bursting. In 1831, civic leaders in Boston established Mount Auburn Cemetery, America’s first garden cemetery, in the suburb of Cambridge. Green-Wood would become the second…It didn’t take long for Green-Wood Cemetery to become the premier cemetery in the New York metro area. By 1860, Green-Wood was attracting over 500,000 visitors a year and soon became America’s second most popular tourist destination (Niagara Falls was number one.) Green-wood’s 478 acres of glacial ponds, spectacular scenery, and notable residents are an American treasure, so much so that it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006."

    Map: Green-wood cemetery (1850)

    Text: Stories in Stone New York : A field guide to New York City area cemeteries & their residents

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