1. New York City Cemeteries:

    Woodlawn Cemetery
    Webster Avenue at East 233rd Streets, the Bronx

    "Woodlawn Cemetery was founded in 1863. At the time, the land was part of Westchester County; then in 1874, New York City gobbled up the land, and Woodlawn became part of the Bronx. Woodlawn was originally laid out using the rural cemetery ethos that was popular at the time. The design was altered a few years after the cemetery opened to conform to a more open landscaping theme, called the landscape-lawn plan, which meant eliminating fences and encouraging plot owners to have centerpiece monuments surrounded by smaller gravestones. The vast lawns became the perfect canvas for the glorious mausoleums that punctuate the immaculate grounds. By the end of the nineteenth century, Woodlawn had eclipsed Green-Wood in Brooklyn as the place for New York’s movers and shakers to construct their eternal home. The 400-acre cemetery has over 300,000 burials. The addition of a large community mausoleum, a fair amount of undeveloped land, the rise in cremation (which requires less space), and a well-managed endowment fund assures that Woodlawn will continue to be an active cemetery for years to come."

    Map: Atlas of New York and vicinity : from actual surveys (1868)

    Text: Stories in Stone New York : A field guide to New York City area cemeteries & their residents 

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