1. Greenwich Village: Minetta Waters  (Minetta Stream )
    “In this year [1816] Minetta stream was fully apparent; and as it was and is of considerable volume, it has been [a] very important and expensive factor in the construction of the foundations along its line, from its main source, near the site of the Union Club, to its discharge in the North River [Hudson River]. Its other branch had its source at Sixth Avenue and Sixteenth Street, the two joining between Eleventh and Twelfth streets and Fifth and Sixth avenues; its course thence being irregular to Minetta Lane and Bleecker Street, thence direct to Hudson Street at King Street, thence to the river by Charlton Street”

    Text: Reminiscences of New York by an Octogenarian (1816 to 1860) by Chas H. Haswell
    Map: 1783, Manhattan Island at the close of the Revolution / Townsend MacCoun [NYC Historical]